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Rocking San Diego since '03

Listen Local was established in October of 2003 by singer/ songwriter and entertainment coordinator, Cathryn Beeks. Now, the mission get music lovers out and listening to the amazing music being created in San Diego. For the past decade Listen Local has worked to promote interest from the public, offer exposure and networking opportunities for artists and venues and to generally help perpetuate San Diego's thriving local music community. Thank you for your support, we'll see you at a show!


“Cathryn Beeks makes the impossible possible. No one combines business savvy, creative sensitivity, artistic vision and street-smart pragmatism the way she does. Creating something out of nothing is just another day at work for Cathryn. She is that rarest of combinations – a successful promoter and a brilliant creative artist/musician/performer in her own right. The flat out truth: no one does more for up-and-coming artists, established artists and local music venues than Cathryn does. She is a one-woman music machine. If you think it can’t be done, call Cathryn, stand back and watch the impossible become possible. From vision to manifestation, Cathryn makes things happen.”   Peter Bolland   Writer/Speaker, On-Air Television Host at KPBS, Chair of the Humanities Department, Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Southwestern College

“We have had the pleasure of having Cathryn Beeks on our patio for five years at “Tower Two” in Ocean Beach.  Sometimes she and her musicians would play, which is a real treat… and other times she would host the entire three hours with a line up of different musicians which was always organized and emceed property.   When she started doing the hosting, many times we took the afternoon off, knowing that everything would be run smoothly and to our specifications.  Cathryn is a true professional, easy going and has an impeccable work ethic that impressed my husband and myself from the very start.  We even hired her for several of our private parties.  We highly recommend Cathryn Beeks for any music venue.  She is a true lover of music that reflects in each job she is appointed to.”
Tim and Debbie Nolan Tower Two Beach Cafe in Ocean Beach, CA   


The amazing Steve Covault has been a friend of Listen Local Radio since the VERY beginning, documenting all the fun we're having. Words can not express our gratitude and joy when he's able to join us. Please check out his Listen Local Photo Album for a walk down memory lane.

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Belly Up Podcast


2016 - Cathryn begins producing ALIVE in San Diego, a web series highlighting all things music in San Diego. Watch!

2015 - Listen Local and HOB break up but we're going to keep on trucking!

2014 - In October Cathryn left KPRi and started her own "station" at in order to pursue more opportunities for San Diego's music community.

2013 - October 12th Listen Local celebrates 10 years of hosting live music showcases.

2013 - Listen Local announces the opening of THE GREEN ROOM a vintage and secondhand clothing store geared towards musicians

2012 - The Homegrown Hour begins recording live at Jeff Berkley's studio in Bay Park.

2009 - partners with House of Blues to form Local Brews Local Grooves and The All Access Fest.

2009 - Cathryn takes over The Homegrown Hour, San Diego's longest running local music show which had been recently resurrected thanks to Astra Kelly

2008 - gets a permanent FOH guy with the marriage of Cathryn and sound engineer, Jon Edwards

2007 - Tim Flack and Cathryn start a podcast featuring local music.

2006 - expands their audition and showcase opportunities offering 5 shows a week from Pacific Beach to San Marcos 

2005 - wins San Diego Music Award for Best Local Promoter

2004 - Band Camp Music Festival is started in Mission Beach and The Acoustic Alliance begins at The Brick by Brick

2004 - domain is purchased and website built thanks to a grant from Hotrod Harris

2002 - Cathryn Beeks begins hosting live music showcases at The Coaster Saloon in San Diego

2000 - Cathryn moves back to California and settles in Pacific Beach, Ca. in her continued pursuit of rockstardom or, at least, a career in music