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Listen Local Cooks Vol. 1 was born in 2006 and featured yummy recipes from the San Diego music community. It was accompanied by a cd compilation of songs by those who submitted recipes. It was so fun we did it again in 2013. To continue the 7 year stretch between volumes we're going to release vol. 3 in November of 2020 and would love to include YOUR recipe and song. Your submission will help Listen Local continue to keep the lights on as this digital collection of songs and recipes will be given to our subscribers (and you can share it with your fans, too!) as a show of appreciation for their support. Submissions will be accepted until September 30th. Thank you! 

Submission Information

Musicians MUST submit a recipe with their original song. Music community affiliates and fans may submit a recipe without a song. Artists, photographers, poets, writers, etc. are encouraged to submit a food related work with their recipe.

Musicians: submit one studio recorded, original song via a link where we can listen online. WAV files of songs will be requested once selected. Song should not contain explicit language or be more than 4 minutes in length. Food related songs are encouraged. We will only be accepting 30 songs so submit early!

Recipe categories include BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, SALADS, DESSERT, SNACKS/APPS, DRINKS. Please submit your recipe EXACTLY as you'd like it included. One photo must accompany your recipe (attach photo with submission) feel free to include up to 4 photos.

There is no cost to participate. There is no compensation for participating. Everyone retains all rights to their songs and recipes. The cookbook and music compilation will be available digitally to all who participate to share as they like. This Vol. 3 collection of recipes and songs is simply a "thank you" gift to the folks who make and support local music.

If you have any questions or issues using the form below, please send questions or requested items to Thank you!

Submit your song and recipe here!

Illustrated by Jon Edwards!

Listen Local Cooks Vol. 1

Released in 2006, Listen Local Cooks Vol. 1 is a cookbook/cd compilation featuring the music and recipes from San Diego's music scene in 2006. Illustrated by Lorrayne Beeks and sponsored by our pals, check out the recipes below while you listen to the compilation here! Enjoy.

Listen Local Cooks Vol 2.

Released in 2013, Listen Local Cooks Vol 2 was illustrated by Tara Alvarado of Mocking Bird Art and contains songs and recipes from the San Diego music community. Food related artwork, poems and stories are also included. Enjoy!