Listen Local 


The Listen Local San Diego Studio Sampler was an experiment in sound...

In 2012 we asked area songwriters to write a song to the title EVERY SECOND. We posted the songs and San Diego recording professionals (18 of them) all selected a song. For 3 months the artists and the recording professional worked together to complete a finished track which is now posted here, alongside the original rough submission track.  

The mission was to introduce songwriters to producers and to offer listeners a "before and after" version of the difference using a PROducer and professional studio can make. Please contact the participating producers to help you record your next hit song!

Studio Sampler Promo

Studio Sampler VOL 2


We had so much fun we did it again a few years later!

San Diego musicians submitted a raw/rough recording of their original song written to the title TEN YEARS and area producers selected their favorites. The teams had 3 months to work their magic and all of the before and afters can be enjoyed here

Studio Sampler Vol 1 promo video

Cathryn worked with Fernando Pastor and his crew in Pacific Beach during the Vol 1 project. The songs were all written to the title EVERY SECOND. Hear all of the before and after songs here.