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Studio Sampler VOL 2

SAN DIEGO SONGWRITERS submitted a raw/rough recording of eir original song entitled TEN YEARS on February 14th. The songs are all listed here. Area producers have until May 15th to select, produce and submit one of these songs. No cost or compensation for participating, we're simply trying to create a place for folks to go and hear all of the amazing producers in San Diego and be exposed to some great songwriters while they're there.

SAN DIEGO RECORDING PROFESSIONALS: Interested producers please contact No obligation, just listen to the list which will be posted on February 15th. If you hear a song that you'd like to produce just let us know. You'll have 3 months to present your finished version of the artist's song which will be posted along side the artist's original version so folks can hear what you can do. No cost/compensation and the artists retains all rights to their songs. You could produce the song bare bones or go all out, it's out to you.



The Studio Sampler is an experiment in sound...

We asked area songwriters to write a song to the title EVERY SECOND.  We posted the songs and San Diego recording professionals (18 of them) all selected a song.  From Saturday, March 10th until June 9th 2012, the artists and the recording professional worked together to complete a finished track which is now posted here, along side the original rough submission track.  

The mission is to introduce songwriters to producers and to offer listeners a "before and after" version of the difference using a PROducer and professional studio can make. Please contact the participating producers to help you record your next hit song!

Studio Sampler Vol 1 promo video

Cathryn worked with Fernando Pastor and his crew in Pacific Beach during the Vol 1 project. The songs were all written to the title EVERY SECOND. Hear all of the before and after songs here.

Studio Sampler Promo