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Hotrod Harris was a special man.

Loved by all in the San Diego acoustic music community, his generous nature helped MANY struggling musicians afford to struggle another day.  In fact, his generous donation helped get our start back in 2003. To try and help carry on his legacy, some of the folks he helped over the years have formed  We are accepting donations, in Hodrod Harris's name, and those donations will be used to grant small gifts of financial assistance to San Diego musicians in need.  Besides your donations, this fund will be replenished by a yearly fundraising concert on Hotrod's birthday, July 8th. Please save that date and join us this and every year.  Get more information by visiting the website donated by Pete Thurston.

If you know a musician who is having a rough time and could use a small financial gift to help buy strings, pay for gas, put some food in the fridge, etc., please drop us a line. Although it won't be much, we know how just a little can help.